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Samsung BN44-00158A Power Supply Repair Kit
Model Number: BN44-00158A-CAPKIT

Reg: $9.99 

Power Supply Part Number: BN44-00158A

Is your Samsung Television just clicking and turning on after it tries for a while or just clicking but never turning on?  The problem is bad capacitors in the power supply.

This kit includes all the parts you need to change the capacitors and the following:

  • Required Capacitors
  • solder
  • desoldering wick
  • instructions
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Tools Required:

  • Capacitors
  •  Soldering Iron
  • Solder
  • Desoldering Wick
  • Philips Screwdriver
  •  Wire cutters


Power Supply Removal

 Place the television on a flat surface face down with a blanket or other soft, clean fabric to protect the screen. If there is a stand attached to the television, allow it to hang off the flat surfance for easy removal. (A bed works great for this). Remove all screws on the back of the television and carefully lift off the back cover. If your television has a stand, it should slide out. The power supply can be located by following the wires from the AC plug. It is usually close to the middle of the television. Carefully remove any connectors from the power supply and unscrew screws holding it to the television.

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Capacitor Removal

 Locate the capactior requiring repacement. Flip the power supply board over and find the solder points holding and connecting the capacitor to the board. With a hot soldering iron and the power supply on it’s side, heat the solder point while carefully wiggling the capacitor with your other hand until you feel it seperate. Repeat for the other solder point. If you are having trouble removing the capacitor, try using the desoldering wick outlined in the next step.

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Still working on the bottom of the board, place the desoldering wick on the solder point where the capacitor was removed. Push down on the wick with the soldering iron to remove solder from the hole which will allow you to insert a new capacitor. Repeat for other solder point. The solder will literally be sucked into the wick.

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Install the new capactor in place from the top of the board. The negative white stripe on the capacitor should line up with the white half circle printed on the power supply board. Push the capacitor legs into their holes and from the bottom of the board, bend the leads away from eachother to keep the capacitor in place.

Working from the bottom of the power supply board, hold the tip of the soldering iron at the base of the capacitor leg at your solder point and push the end of the your solder string into the tip to fill the solder point and secure the capacitor in place. Repeat for other solder point. Be careful not to get solder on other portions of the power supply board as this could cause a short circuit.

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Using a set of wire cutters to trim any excess from the capacitor lead.

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Repeat for remaining capacitors. When complete, reinstall power supply in television and ensure you have reinstalled all screws and plugged in all connectors.